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    Nebraska Coeds – Alyssa, Krysten: Long Lost Lingerie Recruiting Video
    Alyssa and Krysten had never even had photos taken of them by anyone, but their friends before this shoot. It's a long lost, and almost forgotten shoot, and I am SO happy to have found it! This was the first night that we got Alyssa and Krysten naked for our cameras... which is how we talked them into doing the other shoots that they did with us!... So This is how it all began!... Check it out, and be sure to watch the long video in the members area, and also the super hi-resolution photos, complete with plenty of close-ups!
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    Nerd Pervert – Zoe Turner: Laptop Debt Sucker
    What a con. Since I bought my house I was new to the area, I got talking to this lady in the local shop she told me her daughter had just just completed her first year at college and her laptop had died. I was bored shitless, this middle aged women telling me her life story when I only went in to buy some milk. Then when she said 18 year old daughter I started listening. I had a laptop I wasn't using and I mentioned I could sell it to her for £200. She asked where I lived and said she would tell her daughter to come round and have a look at it...
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    Nika – Spreads Herself Out On The Couch For Some Fun
    Nika - 18xGirls
    Girls like Nika know just what they need when they’re in the mood for some fun. While this brunette beauty begins to seductively strip down to show off her glimmering body, she’s not far off from spreading herself right out for some fingering action…
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    Not So Innocent Teens #2
    Cameron Love
    Melanie Jayne
    Natalie Norton
    Renae Cruz
    Tristan Kingsley[/url]
    These teens look sweet, but they are not afraid to get dirty!! Renae Cruz can't get enough! Melanie Jayne wants more hard cock! Tristen Kingsley is a dirty little nymph!

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    Nubile Films – Chloe Brooke: Cater To You

    Chloe Brooke[/url]is nude and relaxed as she enjoys the touch of her man Van Wylde’s hands all over her body. The massage starts off innocently enough, with Van covering his woman’s bottom and legs in oil. When his touch slides down to spread the oil all over her shaved pussy, Chloe can’t be a passive participant any longer. Leaning backwards with her head falling over the table, Chloe pulls her man’s briefs down and uses her small hands to guide his erection into the warmth of her mouth. Van’s hips pump gently as he enjoys the velvet caress of Chloe’s lips and tongue. Next, Van settles between Chloe’s legs and laps eagerly at the juiciness of her slit. His persistent mouth and tongue soon leave the blonde kneading her slicked up breasts and moaning in pleasure. When Chloe’s pussy juices are flowing freely, Van stands up and slides his hard cock deep into her tight twat. He settles into a steady rhythm that drives his woman wild while simultaneously rubbing her clit to increase her pleasure. Needing to change things up, Chloe wraps her arms around her man’s neck and then lets him lift her up. She is so slender that she bounces easily as Van lifts her up and down on his dick, creating delicious friction for both of them until she reaches her climax on a high moan of ecstasy. Lying Chloe back down on the massage table, Van resettles himself between her thighs and pumps his hips hard and fast as he pushes deep inside her welcoming warmth. As his orgasm washes through him, Van pulls out and releases his cum all over Chloe’s small breasts and flat belly.
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