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    Mistress Julie Spanks Ballbusting CBT FemDom Video

    Mistress Julie Spanks has her slave bent over on his hands and knees, exposing his balls for easy access torture. She wraps her hand around them and starts to pound on his balls with no mercy. Mistress Julie Spanks then kicks her slave in between his legs over and over relentlessly busting his balls. Mistress Julie Spanks brings him up on his knees to give you a good view of her kicking his balls. She has him sit on the ground and steps on his cock with her sexy high heel shoes causing him to scream in pain. Finally she brings her slave back to his hands and knees to continually kick his balls again and again, bringing him to fall over in pain.
    Size 189 MB. Total Time 12:30 min.
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    Ballbusting Wrestling Match CBT FemDom Video 311

    Mistress Cheyenne makes her debut by showing off her wrestling moves, and adds ballbusting to the mix. She continuously pins slave william, once pinned she kicks, punches, and squeezes his cock and balls relentlessly.
    Size 215 MB. Total Time 14:17 min.
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    A guy cock and balls get stepped on, trampled, kicked and stomped by a sexy blonde woman climbing up&down stairs.
    What if a lady asks you to put your cock and balls on the stairs, while she climbs up and down? What if she wears on spike heels for such an occasion?
    That's what happened at 'Stairway to Hell', update 146.
    After crushing his cock and balls full weight, Elizabeth thought she could climb a step further, and make it more ... unforgetable.
    She thought she could get more satisfaction if she not only stood on his 'lovemachine', but also stomped on his babymakers. And yup!, she stomped on his testicles, and she liked it so much she started getting vicious on it.
    129MB 9:24 wmv
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